Driveway Construction

Need a New Driveway, or an old one Refreshed & Repaired?


1800 GO TREES can help you with all things driveway related, including bitumen, concreting, rocks and gravel. We can build a driveway from scratch with all the drainage. We can also repair driveways, drains and culverts. 

If you have a soft spot or a pothole in your driveway following heavy rain, we will fix it. For the best construction and repairs, we use Geo Mesh, which stops settled earth rising through into the gravel layer, contaminating the gravel, and turning it to mud.

When building your driveway, 1800 GO TREES first ensures your ground conditions are good with adequate drainage prior to making the driveway. We do this with culverts or storm water piping with pits running along the drive. After putting in all our piping, and depending how deep you want your rock layer to be (we recommend at least 150-mm), we put the Geo Mesh down and begin the compacting process.

When rolling your gravel, we ensure that it is sufficiently wet, so it binds properly. We then pay attention to the fine details, such as raking out any high spots. Finally, we go over it with the roller and make sure it’s well compacted. While doing all this, we are careful to ensure the surface pitch of your driveway has sufficient gradual fall to ensure adequate water run off.

For farm tracks and driveways that need a refresh, we use a Harley Rake to remove excess vegetation and level out gravel. We then go over again with a roller to re-compact your driveway. This can be a cost effective solution for refreshing your farm tracks or gravel driveways.

If you choose a bitumen surface for your new drive, we will use laser levels to make sure your fall angle is correct and sufficient to ensure water runs off in the right direction – away from your house and other asset. We also ensure that your foundation is rolled as hard as possible. The stronger the foundation, the stronger the asphalt.

We have excavators ranging from 2-4 tonnes, 5-8 ton compaction rollers, skid-steer track loaders for picking up and spreading ruck with a smudge bar installed to ensure accurate levelling of rock.

For all your driveway and culvert related needs, call 1800 GO TREES to ensure you get a new driveway or repair that will stand the test of time, giving you the great value of a reliable driveway that will hold up good under pressure.

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Our process

Talk. Plan. Do.

At our 1800 GO TREES, we like to make the process easy and straightforward. We begin by learning your exact requirements in order to develop a tailored solution. After inspecting the job location, we provide you with a competitive price quote that takes into account all factors involved. You can rest assured knowing that your project will be completed on time – to spec and within budget!



We take the time to talk with you, to understand what you need done, and how we can help you achieve it.



We come to your  location, to figure out what must be done. We then quote you the price to get it done right.



With our well-defined plan, your job will be done efficiently, while prioritising both quality and safety.

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Our highly skilled, licenced arborists and climbers have been providing expert care to valued customers for over 30 years – bringing with them decades of combined experience in managing projects big and small. Our commitment to safety gives you the peace of mind — that all staff are fully trained, insured and Workcover ticketed

Tree Removal

We use latest techniques to remove dangerous trees that may be a safety hazard.

Tree Pruning

We remove dangerous branches while taking care to preserve your valuable tree.

Stump Removal

We cleanly remove your old stumps to reclaim your outdoor living space and view.

Land Clearing

We help avoid building delays by ensuring your site is clear of roots, stumps and rocks.

Wood Chipping

We turn tree offcuts into uniformly-sized wood chips, for easier re-use or transport.

Cherry PickeR hire

Reach heights with ease! Our cherry pickers and operators provide the perfect solution.

Elevated Work Platform

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Full scale earthmoving and excavation services with a big range of equipment.

Driveway Construction

Using dump trucks and heavy earthmoving equipment, our driveways make the grade.

Culvert Installations

Our designs can protect your driveways and entrances from even the heaviest flows.

Vegetation Management

We partner with governents and corporations to maintain public asset environments.

Traffic Control

Keep your project running smoothly and safely with our dependable traffic control.